The Crostini SEO that Worked like a Charm

Today, I tested myself by doing two things—making a crostini appetizer for the first time and photographing a savory dish. Let's just say the latter was more strenuous.

I found my crostini recipe by typing "crostini" in my Chrome bar then choosing the first suggestion, "crostini with brie, dates, and toasted walnuts." With SEO like that, I figured this recipe has to be good (spoiler alert... it was great). 

The cooking experience itself was straightforward and relaxing. I definitely see myself coming home and using cooking as a way to wind down more often. Though I do admit, my biggest learning curves are learning to pair ingredients with food I already have on hand and resisting to devour everything before my final dish is put together. 

I should also mention that Tim, my loving partner, and I were FaceTiming while I was cooking. He noted that he really enjoys seeing me in the zone. His sweet comment made me realize that I've been having a hard time getting into the state of flow lately. Luckily though, cooking and food photography are outlets that make a total of nearly 3.5 hours go by quickly. More analysis of how cooking and food photography stimulate flow in a later post (maybe). 

The photography portion of today's project gave me the toughest time. I rarely photography savory dishes and with crostini, it was difficult for me to find a good angle that showcased all its elements. I was thrown off by the similar colors blending together in the crostini topping, but an aluminum foil reflector and a lot of post production seemed to do the trick. *Proceeds to purchase reflector* I'll be applying my learnings to my next dish.

The final photograph I came up with is showcased above. I'd love to hear feedback if anyone has any!

~ Thanks so much for reading ~