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Backend Procedures:

Creating and streamlining processes in and between teams are extremely important. Above you'll be able to see a peeks of a revamped editorial calendar, a revamped workflow for SoundCloud's #SC60 initiative, and a vertical ad research sheet for the ad operations team. This helped gain more focus on SoundCloud's 12 million+ followers.

SoundCloud Subscription Launch (SoundCloud Go) Support:

U.S. Launch:

SoundCloud Go launched in March 2016. I provided social media support and implemented publishing strategies, recorded a Snapchat contest for the U.S. launch event, analyzed and reported audience feedback, and created Snapchat stories to communicate the company's excitement. Subscription activity received 3 million+ impressions in the first week alone.

France Launch:

U.K. and Ireland Launch:

I provided publishing strategies for the France, U.K. and Ireland SoundCloud Go launches in May 2016. This also included targeted publishing, coordination between teams, and analyzing and reporting audience feedback. These international posts gained over 1 million impressions in the first week of launch.

London and Paris Event Support:

SoundCloud Go International launches were followed by a SoundCloud x FADER event. Work surrounding these two events included editing press releases, proposing and implementing content and publishing times, and hosting a social media contest for event tickets. These two events received 2 million+ impressions within 2 weeks. 

NYC Artist Visit Interviews and Snapchat Takeovers:

I coordinated with the Content Team and created a Creator Visit Checklist to organize artist visits. These artists visits included an entire social media plan which covers photos, videos, interviews, social media plan and welcoming the artist. 

Snapchat Sticker Giveaway Curation and Interaction:

After launching the SoundCloud Snapchat account, I created a sticker giveaway to celebrate SoundCloud Go, know where people would be using the subscription service, and to show thanks to the first SoundCloud's audience. This contest garnered 500+ participants and helped SoundCloud garner 2k+ followers.

SoundCloud 60 Episode Production and Publishing:

The SoundCloud 60 campaign interviews artists within 60 seconds and provides a bite-sized snippet of fun artist facts. Here I recorded interviews, edited episode clips, published content, and communicated with all parties involved.

SoundCloud Product Launch Support:

During my time at SoundCloud there were a number of product feature launches. For these launches I wrote copy, contributed to announcement blog posts, created publishing strategies, and engaged with the SoundCloud audience.

Maker's Row:

Backend Processes:

At Maker's Row, I implemented workflows for copywriting, scheduling/publishing, and imagery. I also implemented IFTTT, ScheduGram, and Buffer - social media management tools. I managed 30,000+ followers across social networks.

Instagram Branding:

With Maker's Row, I analyzed previous content to experiment and create a solid image style guide and image crowdsourcing email campaign. The photos above demonstrate cohesive style and my copywriting skills that fit the brand voice.

General Store Emails:

The General Store email campaign catered to a list of 4.5k+ subscribers. I created email topics, provided copy and design, and analyzed open/click through rates and feedback.


Client Locator and Local Landing Page Design Concept and Production:

At Brandify, I coordinated with internal and external design leads and provided concept designs for client locator and local landing pages. The above designs have been live on the corresponding sites.

Graphic Design (Infographic and Content Graphic):

As well as user-interface design, I also provided graphic design assets for the Brandify blog. This includes infographics and contest pieces.